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ACEP E-QUAL Get Waivered Program

The ACEP E-QUAL Get Waivered Program can help you meet your CMS Quality
Payment Program MIPS Improvement Activity requirement.

How does participating in ACEP E-QUAL Get Waivered Program help my group?

Participating in the ACEP E-QUAL Get Waivered Program will help earn you performance-based payment adjustments of up to 9% of your Medicare payment.

Who Uses This Program?

Here are the people who use this program

Group Champions

Each participating site is required to have at least one Champion (no more than three) who will be responsible for completing that site’s E-QUAL portal Activities.

Members of the Champion’s Physician Group

Most sites report as a group (often the preferred and easiest method for emergency clinicians). In this case all clinicians that charge Medicare (Part B) under the same Tax Identification Number (TIN) are included in your group number and are the clinicians who get waivered via the ACEP-EQUAL Get Waivered Program. 

Administrative Staff

Each site can assign admin staff to help coordinate their Get Waivered campaign. For administrative questions on how ACEP E-QUAL can help you administratively contact and a team member will be in touch within 72 business hours.

Let's get your group's Get Waivered Program off the ground.