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Get Waivered States

Learn how to be a Get Waivered Champion in your State


Here are the state program benefits
Digital Support

We will make you a and support you digitally

City by City

With this site, you and your staff can target locales and cities. We give your program a digital growth boost with targeted Facebook and Google ads for enrollment and course completion. 


Access the protocols

Launch Event

We support your launch with a $1000 stipend for your state if you qualify for the states program

Grant Co-support

Your program will be supported with cogrants in which we will submit together. Let’s build a comprehensive program for your state

Who Qualifies for this Program

Here are the people who qualify for this program

Department of Health Services

Are you a state or government worker who recognized opioid use disorder as a problem in your community? Get in touch and work with us.

Community Workers

Has your community been affected by opioids, and are you passionate about solving the issue? Get in touch.

Healthcare workers

Physicians, nursing, pharmacy, residents, fellows, medical students, even pre-health fields are welcome. We’d love your assistance in getting fellow peers waivered.

Regions: Click to Learn More





Got a question?
No problem.

We’re here to help support you and your program in your state.

About Get Waivered

How do I become a state champion?

Get in touch with our team with our contact form. We’re looking for hard working, energetic and passionate people dedicated to ending opioid use disorder in their local communities.

Why Do I want to become a State Champion?

State champions get recognized as leaders in their field of opioid use disorder and impactful community members. Your reasons may be personal, professional, or maybe both. We believe each person will have their reasons, and we want to support you in your goals.

What if my state is already represented?

We are pre-enrolling state champions at this time to help construct programs. If you qualify as a state champion, and if a state is already represented, we will put you in touch with the local representative to create subsections within your state.

Am I the right person for my state?

We hope so! We do not have required critieria, but we do look for passionate champions who are local to become state champions. Get in touch today to learn more!

Let's work together