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Three ways we can help your organization.

Phase 1: Apply for a Waiver


Emergency departments, hospitals, state agencies and stakeholders across the spectrum often struggle to increase the number of DEA-X waivered clinicians in their organizations. But, with the new rescinding of the 8-hour mandatory course, we’ve made it easier than ever. Our remote, all-you-need-to-know, 8-minute-long, comprehensive program will guide you through the steps of registration and prescription. You can find our monthly courses at ourĀ remote link, up top.

However, if you’re seeking a more in-depth educational experience, please feel free to contact us!

Phase 2: ED Initiated Buprenorphine Protocols


Emergency departments seeking to build buprenorphine protocols have many options.


Let us help you build out the one best suited to your department.

Phase 3: Leveraging Behavioral Economics


Even after providers are waivered and protocols are created research shows that many clinicians rarely ever use their waiver to provide evidence based treatment for OUD.


We’ve designed and tested interventions from the field of behavioral economics to help departments quickly adopt new practices to treat OUD.

Virtual Office Hours