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Phase 2: Creating ED-initiated Buprenorphine Protocols

The Problem

% of ED Physicians Who Have Access to MAT in their EDs

The Solution

In a recent national survey only 7% of emergency physicians worked in emergency departments where they were able to provide MAT in the form of buprenorphine to patients struggling with opioid addiction.

Massachusetts General Hospital was the first hospital in the state of Massachusetts and among the first hospitals in the nation to implement an ED-initiated Buprenorphine protocol. It offers 24/7 365 days a year access to evidence based treatment for opioid addiction – turning the ED into the front door for recovery.

In ED Administration Protocol

For patients in acute withdrawal in the ED.

Our Approach

We have helped build buprenorphine protocols for departments nationwide with models varying based on the needs of the department and patient population.

Home Induction Protocol

For patients not yet in withdrawal but still seeking help in addressing their addiction.

Non-Waivered Clinician Protocol

For departments with providers who do not have their DEA-X waivers but are still looking to provide access to MAT.