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Our Support:

Our support comes from the Massachusetts Center for Social Justice and the Department of Emergency at Harvard Medical School. From this foundation we’ve been able to begin building the tools needed to fight the opioid epidemic head on in countless emergency rooms across the country. But our vision is to make the broad based changes we need in all of our nation’s ERs and beyond. We need your help to make that happen! Join the growing list of donors who have already contributed to the cause of making our nation’s ERs the front door for recovery from the opioid epidemic.


You can make a gift now by:

Giving online to Get Waivered through our parent organization, MGH. The button above will automatically designate your donation to Dr. Alister Martin’s Get Waivered Project. This will ensure the donations go to treating opioid use disorder in the Emergency Department.

select the fourth entry—“Other”— Get Waivered (MGH ED)

A Timeless

Giving to MGH

Specifying Get Waivered as the Intent

Mailing a check

Direct to our lab. Please contact us with your wishes. All emails and calls will be anonymous.