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Phase 1: Helping Clinicians Get Waivered

The Problem

% of ED Physicians Waivered

The Solution

% of ED Physicians Waivered

Emergency physicians have to obtain a DEA X waiver to be able to prescribe buprenorphine to patients in need and unsurprisingly this has led to just 1% of all ED physicians nationwide having this waiver.

At Massachusetts General Hospital 95% of all emergency physicians now have their DEA X waivers thanks to our behavioral economics informed approach. This approach is now being used at hospitals across Massachusetts and at the state level with our first state partner called Get Waivered Texas.

Our Approach

Our approach leverages nudges from the field of behavioral economics to increase the number of waivered clinicians in your organization. Examples include:

  • Creating new social norms that address stigma and support evidence based treatment of opioid addiction.
  • Overcoming the hassle bias associated with getting waivered.
  • Utilizing principles of authority and salience to change the narrative around obtaining a DEA-X waiver.

Examples of our work

See it in Action

Get Waivered Texas

See it in Action

NIH Spotlight

See it in Action

Massachusetts General Hospital